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Why Buy Land in Arizona,, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest?

There is an incredible array of landscapes that range from soaring, snow-capped mountains to sandy, sun-kissed shorelines, which cover every inch of the U.S. And since the great Western expansion, hundreds of years ago, many people have chosen prime pieces of such land to settle and build on.

Today, some of the best territories to buy land include the wide expanse of Arizona desert, which borders California to the west, between Lake Havasu, Kingman and Bullhead City. Easy access to these cities from significantly smaller populated towns nearby enables those who purchase lots to enjoy the infrastructure, municipal support and employment opportunities available.


Many potential land buyers seek tranquil and quiet rural towns to spend their retirement years, whether they are still young and at work or are just days away from settling down with their loved ones. The cost of living in small Arizona towns is almost 25% less than major metropolitan cities throughout the country, essential for those on a fixed budget. Of course, the dry and warm climate is attractive to many of Arizona's visitors and inhabitants.

Others purchase land as an investment, something to develop or sell when surrounding areas experience growth or an increase in value. With the incredibly low prices of land in Arizona now available, because of the recent economic recession, it is imperative to make speculative purchases when the time is ripe.

Another great area of the U.S. to purchase raw land is in the southern Oregon region, which borders California. Klamath Falls, only 120 miles from the Pacific Coast and a mere 60 miles east of the city of Medford, is one such place. Unlike Arizona, Oregon boasts nearly 50 major bodies of water, including the Klamath Lake and Crater Lake National Park, home to perennial recreationalists and vacationers. While the northern part of Oregon experiences 10-60 inches of rain per year, the southern region has significantly less, though enough to sustain the many dense forests close by.

The largely lush botanical foliage and abounding wildlife in Oregon have attracted many of those who wish to trade their busy urban lives for ones with a reasonable pace and a connection to nature. While the cost of living is comparable to other U.S. regions, there is no sales tax in Oregon. Land prices have lowered in value in many Oregon regions, making it a buyer's market for those who wish to invest.

Whether a potential land buyer seeks a plot for investment or a place to enjoy the golden years, land in Arizona and Oregon are amongst the best choices for great prices and an incredible environment to live in.

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