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Ronald S. Freeman, of, is a licensed real estate agent who has been helping people own personal & investment land for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in navigating the many various land holding and developed property markets of several states throughout the U.S., including Arizona, the Southern Oregon region, and Colorado.

After the break of the sizeable real estate bubble in 2007, land and residential building prices dropped significantly in the U.S. This, of course, led to the development of the buyer's market, which has kept real estate prices down and has piqued the interest of property investors everywhere. As a result, there are many desirable properties available today that are attainable by not only those who have significant capital funds at their immediate disposal but by others who have only small amounts to invest.

Ron Freeman understands that his buying market has greatly expanded and has subsequently made it easier for buyers to secure their investment properties and purchase land. All of the land and other properties that Ron offers is competitively priced.

Since it is very important for anyone to buy speculative investment land that will be imminently developed, Ron offers parcels that are each staked, surveyed and have electricity running along their borders. While average 1-acre lots in Arizona cost anywhere from a modest $17,000 to $20,000, Ron Freeman is able to provide multiple lots for greatly discounted prices. Ron Freeman also provides fantastic real estate deals for those who have compromised credit or even NO CREDIT at all. He will directly finance a property or land holding with any real estate client, saving time, energy and added expense for those who would otherwise deal with their banker.

In the Lake Mead area of Arizona, for example, Ron Freeman offers an incredible low 5% interest rate for a 1-acre parcel of land that only requires $100 down payment and only $100 per month in regular subsequent payments. Ron also will provide a generous discount for those who pay some or all of their purchase cost in cash. Every term within Ron Freeman's real estate sales contracts are negotiable too, so, ultimately, almost anyone qualifies! Ron will consider every offer that comes his way.

Since the real estate market has recently turned in favor of the buying community, it is best to work with a seasoned professional for land investment opportunities and deals. The person you need to contact for your next land investment is Ron Freeman.

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